With The Arrival of Summer, The Basics Are The Best Choice

I am a basic aunt. I like it the simple and transfer that to my daily style. When summer arrives I settle on a combination that never fails: blouse + shorts, Although will perhaps changing it top by t-shirts oversized. So, the basic fashion always triumphs, and today new examples to show you here they will confirm this theory.

What matters is that combining the chromatic couple, be assured of the same and look the outfit as if they were of haute couture garments. And it is that at the end they can enhance and bring out the best of you.

Denim, a basic need

New woven denim remains the star and the perfect to accompany these basic. With very little we achieved much, and no matter whether we are talking about shorts or miniskirts. Cotton on t-shirts is a wardrobe and it becomes perfect for this types of mixtures.

Which of these options would you stay?