Women’s Capes And Ponchos

A few tips to buy from Ponchos & Capes for ladies complacent? Here you will find practical information on the subject.

Ponchos & Capes

Which character type is for Ladies Ponchos are?

Ladies Ponchos are veritable Figurschmeichler. The sectional shape is so loose and relaxed, that can be unloved pounds hide wonderfully in waist, abdomen and hips. Best look women ponchos large women. Small women should rather do without the poncho look, the comfort fit they can act namely squat and upset.


What I combine a poncho best?

Ponchos not only impress with simplicity and functionality, but give each outfit a touch of extravagance. A short ladies poncho can be superbly combined with body-hugging garments. Along with tighter pants like skinny jeans or leggings, it provides an elegant, yet simple appearance. Moreover, the combination of tight clothes and far Poncho conjures a slim and petite silhouette. Among the ladies poncho with V or round neck fit Classic blouses very well when the collar peeping case kits.


Which design should I choose in ponchos for women?

Women ponchos there at homosociety in many different designs. Classic colors such as black, gray, wool white or brown still among the most popular, as these simple color scheme is also suitable for the office. Besides magic red and gray ruffles ponchos with Cape-section a magical, romantic look.


Further information:

Designs: turtleneck, in chunky knit quality, with ruffles, fine knit quality, scoop neck, with lace pattern, in patch-optics, with waterfall collar, oversize, fringed with color blocking, with lace, in tunic shape, in ethnic style, with sequins, hooded, with Strickborte.

Brands: Ambria, Boysen’s, Buffalo, Cheer, Creation L, p Buffalo, Cheer, Creation L, S. Oliver, Sheego, Street One, Tamaris, Turi farmhouse Vivance.


What comes to mind when you think of clothes from Central and South America? Clearly, as we have on the one hand, of course, the inevitable sombreros from Mexico and Panama hats from Panama, the tiny bikinis from Brazil – and the poncho, which can be found in much of Latin America. Who now has a mandatory panpipe group from the pedestrian in mind, however, a lesson is taught! Ponchos are now extremely popular with celebrities, designers and beauty magazines – and so convenient! A large piece of cloth, in the middle of a hole, ready is the stylish jacket substitute. No annoying hang and not jammed zippers more: The poncho is simply thrown casually over her shoulders. Wonderfully cuddly-soft, it’s the perfect companion for the fall. Curious? Or have you already discovered your love for the must-have?