Women’s Fashion Hooded Sweatshirt

Well, I don’t think there is anyone who does not have one good and quite comfortable sweatshirt, even if it is stored at the bottom of the wardrobe; it can be up to old man, in fact, incidentally, the older the better. Since then, the news is that this outfit, along with others who were successful in the past, is coming back. Now it has become more elaborate productions which is more feminine and daring, and it is beginning to combining with lace, embroideries, studs and sparkles.

Women's Hooded Sweatshirt
Who care about fashion know that its return actually started from several years ago, just before the London Olympics in 2012, since every fashion trend is marked by some behaviors or events.

Fashion Sweatshirt

As the retro is on the rise, our good old sweatshirt wouldn’t get out. It is a typical winter fabric, and has a footprint of the 1980s when the fashion has teamed up with a lot of sport as the boom of the academies. And now, in this retelling, the sweatshirt won most fashionable and bold airs and is being increasingly used by major brands in more elaborate compositions.

Now the sweatshirt has been the main bet of some brands, such as Céline, Chloé and Balenciaga in Paris Fashion Week (above) or Givenchy and Opening Ceremony, which paraded sweatshirts in the collections of the last season. See http://www.internetages.com/category/vintage-sweatshirts/ for details.

The truth is that in addition to making success among fans of streetstyle, sweatshirt is a great classic in the wardrobe, but if you want to keep a cool look, it is necessary to pay special attention to a few rules.

Common sense remains the main tip, and they are applied to any trend in any season.
Classic women should pay more attention to the more traditional pieces that can now be found also in sweatshirt, such as tailoring trousers, long skirts and even the blazer, being the main objective end up losing a little bit of stiffness and gaining a more hip and casual style.

Combining overlays with everything, such as plaid shirts or jeans, and it is also quite cool with a naked appearance.
In the field of footwear, the escarpim which is combined with cropped pencil skirt brings a charming look. It is also ideal to use necklaces, bracelets or a maxi colar of rocks.

Heavier shoes, like ankle boots, and platform boots are also quite suitable, and if the choice is a escarpim, it’s worth to look for a model that has a more stripped texture.

However, although you are becoming more daring at this time, the sweatshirt which is always in the sports categories is not suitable for black tie occasions, gala and even in a daytime wedding. In these occasions, you need some more formal costume.

The size is also critical to make a nice look, so do remember to choose the right size for your body. A very compridão sweatshirt and skirt, for example, will flatten the silhouette, running out of grace. Bet on most models which are adjusted to the body, waist or a bit below, and it is wonderful when combining with with both jeans and shorts, which helps lengthen the silhouette.

And then, do you think it is a fashion piece? Are you excited to go to buy a sweatshirt?