25 Looks To Sting Blair Waldorf

On the Upper East Side, the Queen of the style, it is of course Blair Waldorf. The pretty brunette, encamped by the actress Leighton Meester, always approach a very chic, very inspiring. To be stylish, safe to say, it draws on the best looks of Blair Waldorf.

In the series Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf is a real Queen on the Upper East Side.

In addition to his classes, boys and the soirées, Blair Waldorf has a passion for luxury clothing and parts trends.

As the daughter of the famous designer Eleanor Waldorf, the pretty brunette has always worked with the fashion world. She’ll even his future job.

Over the seasons, the look of Blair Waldorf asserts itself. If we see a lot in school uniforms in the first episodes, she appears quickly in designer dresses and colorful coats.

We love her preppy chic outfits, sexy just what it takes!

Blair Waldorf style: his favorite parts

The luxury of Blair Waldorf dressing is full of wonders. Always the first to address the new fashion trends, she totally control the association of parts trends.

Rarely in pants, Blair Waldorf loves baby dresses doll and pleated skirts. She displays her long legs in pantyhose, opaque, white, black or colored.

To complete her look of little model girl, she wears blouses or white blouses in lace.

Winter, her outfits are often complimented with a long, often colorful coat.

In the summer, she never hesitates to jump in a short high waist to not suffer from the overwhelming heat of Manhattan.

Her signature accessory? The headband, of course. Even if she leaves little by little, he keeps a place in her outfits. She replaces it from time to time with some stylish hats.

Shoes, Blair is rarely flat. To give a sensual touch to her outfits, she has a large collection of high heel shoes and pumps.

Whether you want to run after a taxi or go shopping, b. is often perched on heels of 12. The class, what.

Finally, Blair never forget to style its look with a bag it. Whatever the occasion, she never goes out without the last trend handbag .

Blair Waldorf style: its colours and prints

Look, Queen B. has never scared of too much. Fan of prints, she’s crazy about the trend mix’ doesn’t match.

Flowers, stripes, big or small tiles, ornaments geometrical, Blair Waldorf like to mix patterns. And without ever going overboard!

The same for the colors. B. looks are always very colourful and she loves as much dark outfits than the flashys hues.

Little more for her looks yellow and orange, very fresh for the summer. The Queen of theUpper East Side known to highlight and it shows!

One thing is certain, nothing is set aside. Whether the shoes, bag, jewelry, every detail is carefully chosen to stick to the style of the day.

Because even as a total white look, Blair knows drag an accessory mode that will make the difference for connoisseurs.