525 Euros for “Broken” Sneaker?

In the new are York Department store of Barneys since supposedly dirty sneaker in the delivery, some a while are patched with duct tape. On the net, this trend is about to much excitement – for the “broken” sneakers cost about 500 euros!

The Italian cult label golden goose is known for his sneakers in a retro look. However, with the current collection in “Heavy Used Look” play the designer Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, however a track too far, critics say.

Indicator: New sneaker from cool brands there are now cheap here.

Effortlessly cool?
So comes the latest shoe model “distressed superstar sneakers” with artificial dirt, tape and mud margins therefore. You should look like a real couple Lieblingssneaker, which holds after countless nights of party and Festival visits just barely at the foot.

“Barneys” in New York is one of the Department stores that has the sneakers on sale. 585 US dollars, converted approximately 525 euros pay customers for it, that they by not even need to traipse her shoes – “Effortlessly cool” to which style according to the product description. Who believes that these overpriced sneakers are slow, is wrong. The rotten sneakers were already sold out after just a few days! Also at the English luxury-online shop of “Farfetch” only a few models are available.

Tasteless “Bum chic”
On Twitter, the indignation about the fashion trend is correspondingly high. “These sneakers are sold at Barneys for 585 dollars. Pop culture is a caricature” of themselves, Angers is a user. “Golden Goose sneakers are rubbish. Rich idiots would pay anything to look after working class”, another says.

I’ve got some thirty year old Dunlop Green Flash. Any takers?

Many criticize the glorification of poverty and the tasteless “Obdachlosenchic”. Especially since it’s usually exactly the kind of iterated shoes that lead to that in the Nobel department store Barney’s security staff following one through the corridors.

Hubs found these in the garage. Grass stains and dog poop included. He could get $600 easy.

Who wants to invest more than 500 euro in treads abgelatschte, which supposed to do that quietly. Or just run with his old sneakers through the mud and then taping with duct tape.