7 New Styling Rules for the Oktoberfest

7 New Styling Rules for the Oktoberfest

On any other the world Folk Festival tradition is written as large as on the Oktoberfest: the snazzy Metin appear in the Dirndl, knee-length of course and with braids. The Buam in ja and hearty “Krachledernen”. So far the cliché. We have even the STYLEBOOK zoom on sharp and discovered new Oktoberfest trends.

On any other Festival, one devoted to the tradition as much as at the Munich Oktoberfest. Even a Dirndl, which ends an inch above the knee, is considered to be too flashy. But what no one knows of the traditionalists: the stylish October outfit is no real tradition. Because the Dirndl was not even invented the very first Oktoberfest in 1810.

And so it is not surprising that at the upcoming Oktoberfest prominence but actually quite new Oktoberfest trends will be Munich.

Here the coolest Oktoberfest trends for 2016:

1 leather shorts for the ladies

The Oktoberfest visitor in the Dirndl – appeared until now traditionally. Leather shorts, seem like here at former GNTM model Yani Babekr-Ali (19) Ivy, especially if you can, great, long legs. When it comes to below so sexy, it may be up like high-necked

2. topless

So far, a Dirndl outfit consisted of Dirndl, apron and blouse. This season you can get rid of, likes the blouse as Lena Gercke (28), – as long as it looks not too frivolous. Prerequisite for the tight arms are almost above-without-look and, Yes, even a bit wood in front of the hut. The rock should be at least knee-length with so much eye candy!

3. no loop binding

The dirndl loop right bound stands for wife, left single and Center for Virgin. But the symbolism of the loop is actually nonsense! It claimed at least cultural scientist Dr.Simone Egger to the blog “Fashion pilot”. It is a legend, that which has spread so far that it is now true. Celebs like footballers wife Cathy Hummels (28) would rather replace it with a chicken belt, knot now where it best pleases her grinding or just completely omit them

4. the Oktoberfest Partnerlook

What leads elsewhere to the architect, becomes the eye-catcher at the Oktoberfest. While he, as José Campos (49) appears in the original leather pants, his partner selects the figure-hugging, shorter model Christine Neubauer (55), here. Feminine details such as high heel shoes and jewelry are a must with her, so that the partner look not funny looks

5. Koa o’ Zopft is!

Forget the popular Oktoberfest-rule, that each Dirndl needs a farmer or Gretchen braid. You can see every year at the Oktoberfest girls with braided hairstyle. Who wants to stand out with his Dirndl hairstyle from the crowd, now carries, like GNTM runner-up Elena Carriere (19), which openly and to a hair sweet wreath of flowers on the head – which of course also something smaller may fail

6 sneakers to the costume

Ever since before some seasons at his Couture show, fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld (83) presented sneakers, sneakers on the Oktoberfest have become socially acceptable. And this looks casual especially for the ladies, as high heels or stuffy ballerinas. What you wear for a model is no matter merits it fits into the overall look: actress Josefina Vilsmaier (23) helps her chicken Dirndl classic Super gas

7 select Dirndl unusual colors

Dresses in an ethnic style or unusual colors are currently a real alternative to the Dirndl – a jaunty Dirndl must be not always in traditional costume colors of white, red and green. How about because for example a Dirndl in the elegant total black look like jungle camp starlet Tanja Tischewitsch (27) it carries here. This look would guarantee also Holy Golightly fallen!