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Social conditions

Society of AlandThe accommodation in Åland is characterized by scattered buildings spread over a large number of villages. Nearly 80% of Ålanders live in their own houses; this type of accommodation also dominates in Mariehamn. Health care is well developed. Specialist care is provided at the Åland Central Hospital in Mariehamn with 138 places of care. Unemployment in Åland, where almost 20% are self-employed, has long been low, but has increased somewhat in recent years (until 1996).

Aland - Mariehamn


Mariehaʹmn, Finnish Maarianhamina, municipality and city in the province of Åland, Finland; 12 km2, 11 725 residents (2018). Mariehamn is the autonomous landscape of Åland's central city and the only city (founded in 1861). Important industries are shipping, tourism, trade and small industry. The city's growth started with the growth of the shipping business in the early 1900s.

Mariehamn has the Åland County Council, the National Board of Lands, the Maritime and Vocational School, trade schools, the Åland Museum, the Åland Art Museum and the Åland Maritime Museum, including the four-masted bark Pomerania. Mariehamn has a car ferry connection with the Finnish mainland and with Sweden. The international airfield is located in Jomala.

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