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Social conditions

Bahrain is a welfare state that offers comprehensive free health insurance even for non-Bahrainians. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of BHR and acronym for Bahrain. There are special care programs for the elderly and disabled. The state of health has improved significantly after the country's independence in 1971, and most tropical diseases have been eradicated. The government spends about 10 per cent of the budget annually on health care and another 2 per cent on other social welfare, for example, general old-age pensions and special tax breaks for families with children have been introduced. The government has assisted in the construction of a number of homes, and with the assistance of Saudi Arabia, was funded a three-year project that built low-cost housing in the new city of Hamad, where the first tenants could move in in 1984. About 40 percent of the unemployed women work. In 2013, unemployment was estimated at less than 4 percent.

Society of Bahrain

Bahrain - Manama


Manama, Arabic al-Manāma, capital of Bahrain; 157,500 residents (2010). Manama is located on the northern tip of Bahrain Island. The city is a commercial and financial center with a port, shipyards and oil refinery. Manama also has an airport.


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