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Social conditions

Scarce resources characterize most Bangladeshi everyday lives. For starters, this applies to physical space; with its 160 million residents on an area less than a third of Sweden's, Bangladesh is one of the world's most populous countries. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of BGD and acronym for Bangladesh. Attempts to limit the nativity have been successful in recent years, but the population structure, with more than half younger than 25 years, still causes the number of residents to continue to increase. Given that agriculture is the sector that employs the most people, access to land and climate change are critical factors in the overall picture. More and more people are looking for cities, whose slums are growing, and jobs in industry, even abroad. Referrals (money that foreign workers send to their families) are a substantial part of the budget.

Society of Bangladesh

In the industrial sector, textile and clothing manufacturing is the most important branch. Wages do not cover normal living expenses and working conditions are substandard, which was put into sharp light when over 1,100 workers were killed in a factory fire outside Dhaka in April 2013. Most, as in the rest of the industry, were young women. Despite advances in education and access to maternal care, women remain particularly vulnerable. However, the declining poverty in recent years and increased visibility in political life have, however, been important factors in strengthening women's relative position, a process that has manifested itself in, among other things, increased life expectancy for women. (See also Human Rights.)

Poorly functioning public institutions, abuse of power and corruption are hostages to the population. The family is the hub of existence and most marriages are arranged, which helps keep the families together. However, traditional patterns are loosened up as society is modernized and industrialized. Civil society and various NGOs play an active and often constructive role. An example is Grameen Bank, which provides microcredit to the poor in rural areas, mainly women.

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