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Social conditions

The formerly strong population growth brought strong social and political tensions, and after the two coups in 1987, many well-educated Indians, including many doctors, left the country - Fiji. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of FJI and acronym for Fiji. However, the health situation is quite good. The social protection network gives the entire population the right to retirement and widow's pensions as well as medical care and dental care at nominal fees. There are 21 hospital beds (2009) and four doctors (2010) per 10,000 residents. Qualified personnel are available at almost all births. Of public expenditure, 9 percent was spent on health care in 2011.

Society of Fiji

The proportion of poor people in the country has decreased, but still about a quarter of the population is living under $ 2 a day. In principle, however, all Fijians have access to clean water. A large proportion of the population suffers from obesity and elevated blood sugar, diabetes is common and cardiovascular disease is by far the most common cause of death.

Girls start both primary and secondary school to a somewhat greater extent than boys. Prohibition of homosexuality was lifted by the government in 2010.


Suva, the capital of Fiji, archipelago of the western Pacific; approximately 77,400 residents (1996). Located on the southeast coast of the main island of Viti Levu, Suva is the cultural, economic and political center of much of the region; Among other things, has several Pacific cooperative organizations at home here, and the University of the South Pacific is a joint education and research center for a wide range of small countries and territories; it attracts students from all corners of Oceania. Suva has high-rise buildings, lively traffic, restaurants and nightlife and is clearly the most cosmopolitan city in the region; it also contains a significant part of Fiji's light industry.


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