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Social conditions

Malta has a developed social insurance system (since 1956) with general sickness, unemployment and old-age pension insurance. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of MLT and acronym for Malta. Hospital care is free of charge and healthcare is well developed.

Society of Malta

Malta - Valletta


Valleʹtta, also Valetta, the capital of Malta; 5,600 residents (2018), in the metropolitan area 360,000 residents. Valletta is located on a promontory between Grand Harbor and Marsamxett on the east coast of the main island. It is a landscaped Renaissance city, which is surrounded by fortifications. In addition to its administrative functions, the city is primarily the center of extensive trade and tourism. Valletta has universities and numerous interesting buildings, including the Cathedral of Saint John (San Giovanni) and the Grand Master's Palace, which today is the seat of the President and Parliament.

Valletta was founded in 1566 by the Grand Master of the Order of Johannite, Jean de La Valette, since the knights of the Order the year before fought a Turkish invasion attempt. Under the British rule of Malta, the port was expanded and Valletta became the headquarters of the British Mediterranean fleet in the 1850s. Due to its strategic location, the city was subjected to intensive air strikes by Italian and German bombers in 1941–42.


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