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Marshall Islands

Social conditions

The Marshall Islands is a poor and poorly developed country with very high population growth. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of MHL and acronym for Marshall Islands. Deficiency diseases are widespread; In 1995, 60 percent of children suffered from vitamin A deficiency. Increased consumption of imported foods and reduced consumption of traditional basic foods are one of the main explanations for this. Mainly thanks to American aid, there is a decent healthcare system for developing countries with 1 doctor per 2,200 residents.

Society of Marshall Islands

Its colonial past is the country's foreign relations special - predominantly crafted by the United States. Already the year after independence, in 1986, the country established diplomatic relations with Israel, and has since served as Israel's faithful political backer of the UN. Israel has paid for the small country's support through various economic development programs. Marshall Islands did not have diplomatic relations with quite a few other countries. In 2008, it recognized Kosova as an independent state, and the two countries established diplomatic relations in 2013. Only in 2010 did it establish diplomatic relations with Brazil.

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