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Social conditions

The Micronesian Federation is a poor country with low per capita GDP and a poorly developed social protection network. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of FM and acronym for Micronesia. However, there is general pension insurance, and thanks to US support, healthcare for developing countries is quite developed. There are four hospitals and one doctor per 3 100 residents. Infant mortality is quite low and life expectancy has increased significantly. As a result of increased consumption of imported foods, well-being diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes have increased sharply in recent years.

Society of Micronesia

After being elected president in May 2003, Joseph Urusemal stated in a speech to the UN General Assembly that his country is threatened by the frequent and more powerful hurricanes that are shedding global climate change.

That same year, a new 20-year cooperation agreement with the United States and aid totaled $ 1.8 billion. US $ dealt with in United States Congress. Micronesia asked for fair compensation for the damage the atomic bomb blasts had caused to the population, declaring that the damage could not be foreseen when the original agreement was signed.

In April 2004, the archipelago Yap (Guap) located west of the Carolinians was ravaged by typhoon Sudel. Virtually the entire archipelago's infrastructure collapsed, and it was declared in exceptional condition.

In conjunction with a UN conference on biodiversity in March 2006, a program for the protection of flora and fauna was launched in the Pacific Islands. 18 million US $ was earmarked for protecting the ecosystem of Micronesia.

When signing a trade agreement with the United States in 2002, Micronesia committed to implement reforms that would improve the country's then-weak economic position. Five years later, the public sector continued to account for 45% of economic activity, and there was no immediate indication of a change in this situation.


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