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Republic of the Congo

Social conditions

Although the Republic of the Congo is rich in natural resources, up to 75 percent of the population lives in poverty (under US $ 2 per day). Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of ROC and acronym for Republic of the Congo. Seven out of ten Congolese have access to clean water, but in the countryside the corresponding figure is one in three. Almost every tenth child dies during his first year of life.

Society of Republic of the Congo

Congo's welfare system includes family benefits and a state pension system, but most residents are excluded. The state's expenditure on health care in 2009 amounted to 3 per cent of total expenditure. There are 20 hospital beds (2005) and one doctor per 10,000 residents (2007). Qualified personnel are available at approximately 80 percent of deliveries. A dominant problem for healthcare is the many patients with advanced AIDS. In 2009, 3% of the population aged 15-49 were estimated to be affected by HIV/AIDS. Other diseases that require many lives are malaria, measles and tuberculosis.

Both laws and traditions discriminate against women in different ways. Polygamy is allowed and men are considered to have the right to discipline their wives. Almost two-thirds of women are professionals and only 7 percent of MPs are women. However, girls attend school almost as much as boys.

The indigenous population, aka and gundy pygmies, are also discriminated against socially as well as economically.

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