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Social conditions

Health care was significantly expanded during the 1980s, and in 1990 6.6 percent of the state budget's expenditure on health care was spent. In Tonga, in 1993 there were 1 doctor per 2,139 residents. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of TON and acronym for Tonga. The social protection network exists within the family, and only 1 percent of the state budget was allocated in 1990 for social spending.

Society of Tonga

Traditionally, there are three social classes in Tonga: the royal, the nobility and the others. Society has clearly feudal traits. All land belongs to the Crown, which distributes it among the nobility in the form of grants. At a local level, a village is governed by a noble chief along with a village bailiff. The nobility should distribute the land so that every male Tongan over the age of 16 has access to 3.3 ha of land or land in a village or town. But the high birth rates have meant that the land is no longer sufficient for this more than 120-year-old distribution system. Many are now without soil. Unemployment and underemployment are growing. The state is propagating for family planning.

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