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Social conditions

In 1990, 2.7% of expenditure in the state budget was allocated to health care. In Tuvalu there were eight doctors in 1993, ie. 1 per 1 152 residents, one hospital, seven health centers and 30 sick beds, ie. 1 per 302 residents.

Society of Tuvalu

The most common causes of death are liver disease, meningitis and tuberculosis. In the mid-1990s, social insurance covered only retirement and disability pensions. There is a large shortage of educated labor in the country. In the mid-1990s, more than 1/10 of the country's population were guest workers at the phosphate mines in the state of Nauru. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of TUV and acronym for Tuvalu.

The Tuvalu are now facing increasing problems. 40% of the land on the main atoll Funafuti was destroyed when the United States built an airport there during the Second World War. The shortage of agricultural land is increasing every year. Despite the government's propaganda for family planning, rapid population growth continues. The situation will be further aggravated as Naurus phosphate resources have run out and the Tuvaluans are returning. Tuvalu's leaders have vainly appealed to Australia to authorize immigration from Tuvalu in order to alleviate population pressure. The flat islands of Tuvalu are severely exposed to floods in tropical hurricanes, and Tuvalu is one of the five island states in the world that are considered to be at greatest risk of disappearing if the world's sea level rises in the coming centuries.

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