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Social conditions

In 2008, Vanuatu had 1 doctor per 8,500 residents and 17 hospital beds per 10,000 residents. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of VUT and acronym for Vanuatu. The medical density is among the lowest in the Pacific region, but the treatment options are well spread in different parts of the country, with health centers and simple rural hospitals as well as hospitals in Port Vila and Luganville. In 2011, healthcare costs corresponded to 4.1 percent of GDP.

Society of Vanuatu

During the 2000s, the rate of urbanization in the country has increased, which has caused sanitary problems in population-dense areas. Similarly, unemployment has increased as more and more people are looking for work in the capital.

The Constitution provides that all land should belong to the natives. Government permits are required for the sale of land to foreigners. The traditional chieftains still have some influence.

The shortage is large in educated, domestic labor, and foreigners dominate in the modern part of business.

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