A Buyer from Saks Fifth Avenue Is Located in One of Their Bags a Letter from a Prisoner

What if to buy boots of water (or whatever), and you get home you are in the inside of the bag? There is a hidden menu? I would look towards all sides thinking that it is a hidden camera, but I would never think that you it’s something real. That is what happened a couple of years ago to Stephanie Wilson, an Australian of 28 years that to catch his new pair of boots Hunter found a letter on the stock purchase of Saks Fifth Avenue that he began having titled Help! Help! Help!

The letter signed it Tohnain Emmanuel Njong and a photo of meat he accompanied her. Between the lines he explained (like a cry of desperation) that it was incarcerated in Chinese prisons and that made them work more than 13 hours a day to manufacture these bags. He signed with a brief thank you and sorry for the inconvenience, in addition to an email address. Stephanie Wilson I could not believe (obviously), so it was quickly towards the Laogai Research Foundation, founded to combat abuses of human rights in Chinese prisons.

In the letter, he explains that he wrote other five cards like that in different languages to be able to reach the greatest number of people. Tohnain Emmanuel Njong had been teaching English in Shenzhen, When he was arrested in May 2011 and accused of fraud, a crime that he said that he never committed.

Apparently, it is not the first that is a letter like that, in 2012 we found a woman who lived in Oregon a similar letter It detailed the abuses and strenuous work in a prison china within one Halloween decoration purchased at Kmart.

Story with happy ending

Luckily, the future of Tohnain Emmanuel Njong He turned 180º and now has a safe work in Dubai. He is happy that his letter to the end serve for something.

There are two U.S. laws that ban products made by slaves or convicts to be imported into the United States, so Saks Fifth Avenue It announced that it would take measures against that. Is that a case they don’t know where their paper bags are made?

Source | DNAinfo New York

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