A Day in Malmö: Coffee, Trés Bien Shop and Shoe Shops

Malmö , in Sweden, is located half an hour train ride from Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. It is the third most populated city in Sweden, which is not a lot, since they are less than 300 thousand inhabitants. The centre is busy, but the city is very quiet compared with Stockholm and Copenhagen, a neighbor of which it became a sort of suburb, thanks to the ease and flexibility of travel in Europe.

A Day in Malmö Coffee, Trés Bien Shop and Shoe Shops

Out of the Denmark early to spend a day in Malmö. The ride across the Oresund bridge-tunnel, with a very beautiful view. Trains leave 20 in 20 minutes and the ticket cost more or less $ 15. You just go up to the main station of Copenhagen, to buy the ticket in the machine or at the counter, and take advantage of the quick trip.

There are many guides on the internet where you can find scripts amazing to assemble your trip. I recommend the official website of the city, Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Visit Sweden, and Arrival Guides. Here I will talk about shops and some of the details of my day gone!

Let’s go. There are very few options of stores of the male in Malmö, especially compared with the incredible backdrop of the scandinavian capitals; but even so she lets any city of Brazil with envy, thanks in large part to Très Bien Shop.

My first stop was a quick breakfast, and after a walk by the Stortorget (central square) while waiting for the city to wake up. The trade there opens quite late and closes early, like 11 hours up to 18 hours. By the number of cafes and coffebars that I saw while was given to understand that as well as the miners, they also take coffee very seriously.

I ended up in the Solder Kaffebar, which is next to the grand canal Södra Förstadskanalen and near the Davidshalls Bron, a bridge with statues of the shoes of actors in Swedish famous. Malmö is full of these monuments with a dash of humor, as for example the “Orchestra Optimistic“.

The Weld only has counters and stools, creating a social space open and shared. It is not a Starbucks where you sit for hours to use the internet. Somehow reminds me of the oldest cafés in the centre of Belo Horizonte, where people collide, appreciate the aromas, and the company.

The first discovery was a shoe store with shoes English, the Rolf Hansson & Sonner Skomakeri (more about them later). Is the shop that a father has opened up and now shares with the sons, all shoemakers. In addition to selling shoes and accessories, they also do repairs. The back of the store has a workshop complete with a machine of goodyear welting.

I expected people cold, but the reception was super warm! We talked a little bit about boots, shoes, parents and children, blogs, and they invited me to take a look behind the scenes. I noticed that Sweden, although modern, keeps some business the old fashioned way. In this configuration the “old” each one does what he knows, and is dedicated thoroughly to the specific job.

I like the mixture… the boot with beer, with barber shop, with burgueria, with garage… but when I enter in a place simple as that I am left with the feeling that the variety serves more to fill a void than to complement.

Has a text by John Galsworth called The Summary of Quality which despite having been written in 1911 speech reflects the state of several modern industries, including the footwear… we all speak that he is dying. It is the story of the struggle lost, of good craftsmanship against the industry low price. In the text the shoemaker Gessler is a man of integrity, completely dedicated to his work.

Mr. Gessler was leather boots under the measure, only “what I was asked.” He wanted each pair to be personalised to an individual. One day, the narrator of the story enters the shoe store wearing the boots of a famous brand, and Mr. Gessler says: “They manage everything. They achieve all of paying for advertising, and not with work. They take all of us, that we love our boots“.

It is sensational to enter a space concept, but it is also rewarding when business innovation is not serving drink, or to innovate in social networks, but yes they do well done (calmly), that thing that almost nobody wants to do. It has a lot to do within the “universe” of each one! One thing that made me think.

In addition to this shoe store I also, I stumbled upon three more in the region, all selling and restoring shoes. In Malmö (the most even in Stockholm) I saw so many fashionable men, dressed as if they were your own agent 007. Suits navy blue with the proportions of classic, neckties, sober, handkerchiefs, and shoes classics.

My main goal in Malmo was a visit to Très Bien Shop to see the physical space behind one of the e-commerce menswear strongest in the world. The store operates the e-commerce, a collection of their own clothing, a brand of sunglasses, and a physical store, all in Malmö.

Ah! Before you get there I need to share another shop very peculiar. It is a store western boots, Cowboy hats, country hats, raccoon, and other things that refer to the old american west, or to our country.

I arrived at Très Bien and in full Friday I realized I was face with a closed door. I didn’t know, but then I discovered that they only open the physical store on Saturday and Sunday because the town is small and without movement for the type of product that they sell.

In the time that I arrived I still didn’t know that so I gave the around the block to see if Google Maps was wrong. I found another door that led to the online operation, functioning at full steam. An employee friendly explained to me the bid of the time and listened to my situation. She asked for a moment and returned, releasing my entry. After me to say in the time of them I was without the grace of shooting, so I don’t have much of anything to show.

The Très Bien is located in a great area with three divisions. Almost the entire space is dedicated to inventory, customer service, and logistics in the internet. The other large lounge is home to a small studio and a creative team. Small structure, team lean, a lot of work and little chat. The third, and shortest, is a room where is the physical store. Nothing more than a taster, a macaw on each side, and a central table with some accessories. Most of the products are not exposed so they offer an Ipad for you to view the full inventory through the website.

This store has grown with the capital’s own two brothers, and today invoice more than 6 million dollars per year, with a perfect blend of streetwear and high fashion. After look at the site and try to imagine the structure that I talked about. Does not have platform complex or large operations logistics automated. Shops as well compete at the global level with very little. The secret is simple: have some thing really good is the first step to “conquer the world”.

I showed Felicia what I wanted after browsing through the site. While she was looking I talked to Björn, one of the founders, responsible for the operations side. I left there happy with the new presents and glad to have known the behind the scenes of one of the independent shops are the coolest in the world.

My next stop would be the Meadows of Malmo, a store focused on denim and on workwear, with standing strong in the universe of motorcycling. The day went fast and so I gave it up. I chose to take advantage of the very little time to get to know more of what the city had to offer.

I gave a quick jump in the Moderna Museet Malmö. Also has a in Stockholm so I was not very much. Here below some pictures of my tour of the city. Ah, to eat, I recommend some open-air restaurant in the Lilla Torg, the NjutBar café/deli with salads, cheeses and cold cuts) and the Bastard (rustic, straight from the oven).