Agathe Molinar, Founder Of Lemon Curve: “We Want Lingerie Become Accessible To All Women”

Created 5 years ago by Agathe Molinar, Lemon Curve today is the 1st site of online sale of lingerie in France. A nice success tells us about its founder.

Interview by Delphine Groll

What are the drivers of a young entrepreneur in 30 years?

What makes me tick, as an entrepreneur, it’s first challenge, the permanent confrontation with new challenges and the assurance of having taken on my fate.
As a leader and manager, also will boost the lingeriesector, to meet the challenges of the web and have teams that like to get up to go to work in the morning.

Did you have a hard before we get there?

No, I rather had challenges in reality. 1 was first to go to the conquest of the lingerie brands, that were not convinced of the seriousness of the project and had used to work with physical signs. It took reassure them and convince them of the usefulness to be available on the web, which may seem obvious today, but was not necessarily five years ago. Today, we have nearly 90 brands on the site.
Other challenges were rather of order management, especially at the beginning… Teams that were around me were often older or more expert on certain subjects. Adapt to the personalities, advance workers, involve them in their missions, taught me a lot about others and myself.

Why the lingerie?

Lingerie is a universe unto itself, a little magic, which has the power to transform the lives of women, in their giving trust.
The 2nd reason is more supply that existed before the creation of Lemon Curve. Stores offered a reduced offer of products, with five or six brands for sale and an extremely limited choice of small or large sizes.
With Lemon Curve, we wanted to offer lingerie for all women, in all sizes and for all budgets, for all the universe: the daily lingerie, seduction lingerie, large size, through maternity or sports lingerie.
We always wanted to combine accessibility, pleasure and aesthetics. Whether it’s brands, models, styles or sizes, women are still their happiness, because we have almost 30 000 references in stock.
To highlight the lingerie and all innovations that these rights, we organize it for three years the Lingerie Awards. 30 brands are nominated in ten categories this year.

And your next challenges?

Make sure lingerie becomes accessible to all women, and they see a way to feel beautiful and confident. There are still many taboos around the lingerie, however this allows to assume and to have confidence in itself.
When I have an important appointment in the morning, I sometimes choose a special ornament to give me strength
Lingerie is also the first thing you put on in the morning, that is put directly on her skin. Choose bedding that you love is a pleasure that there is agreement to itself, whether you’re unmarried couple. This allows to take care of yourself, to feel beautiful, while we forget too often on a daily basis.
My second challenge would be to meet all the needs of women by offering affordable lingerie, combining quality and pleasure. We come to this to launch two new brands: Midnight, a sexy brand marketed since December on Lemon Curve, and just recently Iconic : a comfort and fashion brand.

What would be your advice to those who are reluctant to get started?

When you want to start in the womb, it do not hesitate.
To begin, consider challenges, be committed to 100% behind his project and devote a lot of time. Must know its limits also, seeking to avoid mistakes and tell others to confront ideas.
Entrepreneurship is like beautiful lingerie, once we tried it we can not do without!