And I Cai Infatuated Youth Fashion, of The Chicos-Chicas That I Saw

What a joy not to be Canadian, what a joy not to have the magazine Fashion handmade and more joy not having the number that celebrates its 35 years. Because from here I tell you if we don’t have enough with the models, the celebrities, solid presenters, daughters, princesses of and Queens of the enamel, also now compete with men in femininity.

It is that one is very scarce time and does not have a minute to listen to your partner, couples of friends, male gender in general of this world and other galaxies, compliment which worker, with all due respect to the construction workers, the protagonist of this homepage, by good aunt, by fine, by blonde , by exquisite.

And you have even less time is explaining to the masculine gender in this Galaxy and others, no, that is not a lady but a gentleman’s chest hair and beard (we assume). Andrej Pejic still making mischief and who do not work in fashion, must hallucinate with these cartoons.

What does time one is recommended to Andrej the six essential tips all fashionista this Christmas because querid@mío, you’re already a fashionista’s Tome and loin.
And you? do you have time?

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