Are Designers Opting for Style Bag over Its Possibilities?

Ethereal, fluid, wide, relaxed… call it as you want, but This invasion of the style bag is moving from dark brown. Few are the lucky ones who can wear a loose dress and not look like a sack of potatoes over have been planted and however, there are many designers who use to large silhouettes and excessively loose forms. Not between the Herve Leger Bandage dresses and roll is there these last few seasons sleeping bag?

Miu Miu spring/summer 2014

Let’s be honest, if the models with his 1.80 of height and its quasi perfect bodies are unable to wear forms balloon designs with trapezoidal lines or shapes coocon properly, Why yes would be able this the mortals of a foot?

This huge problem acquires monumental dimensions when you cross the red line, that separates the street of “the place where you fundirás the salary or savings of the month”, i.e., shift shop – see any of the Empire Inditex and cia, or a not low cost, the same is-, since it is at that moment when you realize that all your nightmares have acquired form , and what is worse still, impassive hanging from their hangers waiting for you to try them yourself and, Wham!, arrebaten you all apex of hope. Not my dear, you do not feel well wide style.

Celine spring-summer 2014

However, this is not the worst, since we can also meet with proposals without form, i.e. without pattern adjusted to the body by any place, they are fabrics hanging looking for some place where to settle. And so is as dear mine, one that I know has come to despair in a tester.

What is the purpose of these forms so unrealistically large?, is there some sort of conspiracy against the definition of patterns?, would actually you believe that they are beautiful and encouraging This type of silhouettes?

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