As We Were: Sports Illustrated in The Early 1980s. Kim, Kim Always

Seeing is believing. Knowing what we were is a way to honor our past and sometimes also not to repeat the mistakes that were made. I love to rummage in the pandora’s box of publications for decades, beyond my memory and find jewels, diamonds that now seem rough, but at the time were more polished. Whom and how starring magazine? Sports Illustrated? You shall bring you a surprise & #8230;

She was the more than 80, the top, the beautiful Kim Alexis which you lucía cacha good magazine of the best models, but not angelic. How have we changed! For better or for worse, decide what you.

Lucia beautiful in Cosmopolitan with the hair of those weapons of woman cardaban to the PIN. Also in Vogue, more fine in its beauty but it is enough in the graphic on the cover.