As We Were: The Faces Most Repeated in The Magazine Vogue

You can have 120 years and be a girl. This year the Vogue magazine celebrates whopping more than one century portraying the fashion and the woman as part of its celebration has drawn up a list of the 20 women that more often have occupied your home at this time. The surprise increases with each one of them.
The list is as follows:

  • Lauren Hutton, 26
  • Jean Shrimpton, 20
  • Karen Graham, 20
  • Cindy Crawford, 18
  • Claudia Schiffer, 16
  • Jean Patchett, 16
  • Amber Valletta, 16
  • Veruschka, 12
  • Gisele Bundchen, 11
  • Kate Moss, 8

The Queen of the diastema occupy the number 1 is already something unexpected, like the absence of any celebrity or actress, no women of color and any model whose success began already in the year 2000.

To celebrate it with them recover two covers of the the 60’s that remind us of those women who triumphed in the pages of Vogue, but many of you, for your youth, don’t know. We open with Veruchka, Muse’s Warhol and Gucci, to finish with Lauren Hutton, the best embodiment of the woman Ralph Lauren and the Lady American and which began to fashion the diastema.