At Last I’Ve Seen ‘Diana’. a Film with Too Many Fashion Brands?

Diana, the most anticipated film of this year, has finally come to our country cinema screens. A film that has not been away from criticism from the first moment in which the film was raised on Lady Di, one of the most famous women from around the world. Naomi Watts has been commissioned to incarnate the role of Diana, a smart woman and style icon who was leaving there where he stepped on. But in Jezebel talked about fashion and Diana is full of planes with garments and accessories of large firms and I wonder, coincidence or pure advertising?

If we waited to see in the first scene of the film to a Naomi Watts perfectly characterized of Diana, We are going astray. A fabulous stars in the first scene Lady Dior Beige, bag Dior baptized with this name in honor to Diana of Wales. Not nothing strange seemed to perfectly see the logic that had this bag in the movie but when I saw about six times more scenes with first planes of the bag started to realize that many firms were so blatant in the film.

Chopard is another clear example of this, in the film are recreated in jewelry and in the name of the same seeing perfectly as Diana buy it its jewelry, When leaves full of bags which include one of Dior. This truly is the most normal because Chopard appears in all the photocall of the premieres of the film around the world and is the protagonist of the jewels of Diana but perhaps too much fixing the signature details and unnecessary planes?

But what most caught my attention was the massive use of the horse’s Ralph Laurent, I don’t see many logos in the movie and when I saw him for the first time in a pole of pink that looked Diana at Kensington Palace I crashed pretty, but this was only the beginning. In the film appears with polos, shirts, jerseys, blazer and glasses of the American firm, not is if the costumes for the film director is very fan of Ralph Laurent, but what I do know is that the use of the same is too much and I turn to ask coincidence or advertising?, you you think?.