Back to The Past: The Divas before Versus The Stars of Today

The divas have always existed although says that before were more glorious, stylish and appalling. I have no doubt it because look at Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra or the Ava Gardner Mogambo is surrender to its charms is male, female, cat or dog. Today I get nostalgic and bring memories of the past that both beautify the present.

We speak of Elizabeth Taylor on a cover of Vogue with his main character cat eyes or Twiggy in a beautiful image for Vogue that collects everything she was: face and body of girl, freckles naughty innocent and many tab.

Why we we opted for the covers of the past or the present?

The divas of Hollywood have died, the glamour of yesteryear has disappeared? They say that the divas to remain it should always appear shiny and disappear when the wrinkle makes a dent. Them, however, not be hid when the beauty of these images became more mature.