Bobstore-2016 Winter Release!

Hi Hi guys, okay? More news in the fashion world warm. The 2016 winter collection of Bobstore is chubby of versatile pieces, designed for the modern woman. The inspiration was in the Mississippi River, which cuts the United States of America from North to South. The collection includes the path of the Mississippi and its banks, divided into three sub-themes through cultural and historical references. Folk Minnesota presents the source of the river, cradle of folk music and Bob Dilan and the location where the singer developed the folk rock. This style of music has as its Muse the legendary Joni Mitchell, who served as a reference to the wife of Bobstore, winter collection that is full of large volumes, frayed, fringes and permeate colors lit like blues and greens that blend the neutral gray, off white and black.

The Native American phase represents the history of the American Indians, since his move from the East side to the West side of the river, which became known as the trail of Tears and that generated the current Native American Territory. In this capsule, shades of pink mix to gray, black, off white and green and are present through artwork from this people’s outfits, as well as the feathers (the pheasant, for example) that make up the headdress and gave life the prints, embroidery and accessories. Already the indigenous spirits – represented by animals such as horse, the eagle and the wolf – were reasons of prints to t-shirts brand.

Finally at the mouth of the Mississippi River is the State of Louisiana, where the BOBSTORE created the Louisiana Swamp, a phase of the collection that brings up at Southern people’s folk stories and the ironic American swamps. His mysterious nature, full of reptiles and lilies that are born in darkness, inspired the prints that moment of collection, where shades of blue, black and off white in floral designs and mosaics. Cool huh?! The launch happens tonight at 10 pm on Bobstore Campo Grande. The macaws are full of amazing looks with everything explained to you. Now, let’s get to some looks where you will have an idea of what’s coming in fresh and station of the year.