Bold Press Days Discovered: Owl Optics, Levi’s “Made & Crafted“ & Malins Coal Bread

Although the days around the 27th around highlighted in our calendar in the coming month and all Berlin agencies open their doors for the annual press days, bold already today couldn’t it, to receive the one or other fashion lovers, to present their selected labels.

A beautiful showroom, by not only the fashion on oversized Mikado sticks took place, but also a sturdy wooden table with various kinds of bread (Pierre by our dear Malin), invited to the little lunch talk among dear colleagues and nice people. Focus: of course the fashion. And what is home to bold currently pretty? G-shock watches, CURRENT/ELLIOTT Jeans, and the one or other favorite piece. Because who would have thought there unique find can be like, for example, the pockets of Abury or that Levi ’ s with his latest line made & crafted favorite pieces created, which become day and night companions by cashmere and fine wool. HA, and even G-shock not discourages, but conjures up more subtle girl watches out of the hat, which definitely have potential successor to the beloved baby-G.

The really beautiful shades of OWL optics were the small highlight, however. A small bargain is probably around 150 euros for a glasses model complete with glasses and ground strength and so you can look here, whether your potential second glasses maybe directly from our Internet shop to come. Look at once pure and hurry up, because every model is limited to 100 pieces! Nike shows you soon more!

And how it always is, if you want to rely on it, goes the camera because the charging of the battery was considered minor. The phone had to be used, and Yes, I can see that. But is end of October’s more in high-resolution images, promised. So just watch this little visit as the first preview and look forward to even more want pieces for the summer – in a month.


Bread basket photo via Malin – bread Exchange.