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Gifts for Fashionistas and Fashionistas

Until Christmas it is not more long, and thus also the time of gifts begins buying again. Fashionistas and fashionistas you can surprise with a gift that is focused on the personal area of expertise. For fashion-conscious women who want to miss no trend, there’s nothing greater than fashion. And everyone, why so not both connect like gifts?

Nail Rings – Know This New Trend

After the trends of the most varied styles of enamels with colors and shapes of varied finishes, those who love trends when it comes to hands and nails should be aware of the newest new arrival in Brazil: Nail Rings: nail ring), which is nothing more than a ring used on the nails, on the • Read More »

Jewelry for Short and Wide Necks

Sometimes it is really nasty. Since you just want to buy a chain, but then you stand before an almost endless choice of necklaces. Short chains, long chains, multi-row, with pearls, with or without pendant.The selection process can take its time. If you then decided for a chain, the course should also match the type. • Read More »

Cufflinks – How to Use

Learn How To Put A Cufflink, Where To Buy And See Photos Of Men Wearing A Cufflink When the full outfit was still common in men, cufflinks (or cufflinks) were synonymous with elegant and sophisticated accessory, being quite used at the time. Over time it has been forgotten, but to this day it is still used • Read More »

I Want Sun Lying Down with My Harper’s Bazaar

I’m nothing wrong not when I say that the summer encourages us all and we do make going to work look from one completely different perspective. We see new points of view and (most of us personally that myself) work much better. We give the best of us. But if there is a header that • Read More »

Tips for Wearing Earrings

With quasi-magical power and their classic as well as sophisticated, earrings offer a bang to your face and enhance your insurance. Here are some tips for wearing earrings with success.

How to Wear a Body Chain

The body chain has made a breakthrough on Instagram last summer, primarily driven to the beach over a bikini. But this year, she appeared on the catwalk worn over white United simple rooms, including during the parade Calvin Klein. Finally, a body channel is nothing but a somewhat special necklace, so why not bring it to the • Read More »

How to Clean Button Necklace

Introduction In this guide I explain how to clean in the correct manner and using suitable products a button necklace, made with passion by creating original souvenir or simply unique gifts merivegliosamente. Obviously, the various operations will be differentiated between them depending on the type of material of which are made on buttons. The first crucial task will be to figure out what kind of buttons was made the necklace. Proceeding is • Read More »

The Book Box

Directly inspired are the beauty box making d cover their subscribers are the latest res innovations cosm ticks, “Box book of fashion” will offer monthly one or several accessories designed by young creators RC… CR in 2011 on the principle of “My Major Company”, the site “Look book” goes to ambition to launch the career • Read More »

Vintage Leather Bracelets (for Men)

A bracelet is not reserved only for the female audience. On the contrary, it is a perfect companion to the man’s faithful wrist, which gives a little twist to a simple and classic outfit. Jewelry is often regarded as being reserved for the female audience. It is far from the truth. Jewelry for men, and • Read More »