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The Proof That It Is Possible to Dress Well While Spending Little

Last week I posted here in the Channel, the Male, within our session “Look Right”, a photo (above) that featured the combination of a blazer wool gray, a blouse of knit black hooded t-shirt and also black with a skull and stylized. Accompanying it was a black jeans, faded and worn. When you preach this kind of • Read More »

How to Use Especially without Frills!

You are the type that does not use a certain piece of clothing because they think that they should be used in combinations that are super prepared? It is best to rethink your concepts, you are probably wrong! It is true that there are some rules in menswear that are difficult to break and dress codes that • Read More »

The Look Right: Blazer, of Course with Shirt Henley Contrasting

I’m a big enthusiast of the shirts type henley, I think that the piece has that something extra that makes a look cool and bold at the same time, unfortunately the shirt is not of the most easy to find here in Brazil, but nothing that prevents the patient from maintaining 3 or 4 of these • Read More »

What Is the Coat Hanger Is Ideal for Your Suit

We have already talked about here on the Channel Male about what are the parts that you need to have in your wardrobe, as descongestioná it and even how to better take advantage of the items that you already have, but we never talk about how to accommodate their clothes in the proper manner, avoiding deformations and creases. Probably the item • Read More »

Take Advantage of the Summer Sale to Renew the Wardrobe

With the settlement of January we have a good time to buy men’s clothing in the summer, the brands and stores offer discounts that can reach 70% and the online stores are not left out. We have selected some items with good discounts and are worth having in your wardrobe, just click and buy, see below: Oakley sunglasses • Read More »

Types of Chess: The Argyle

The plaid argyle is more commonly found in jackets, sweaters (as in the photo above) and socks, but there is no rule that prevents you from appearing in scarves, sweatshirts, ties, caps and even tennis. The best way to describe it would be saying that it consists of blocks in the shape of a diamond (or diamonds) on • Read More »

The Look Right: Option of Clothes to Work in Summer

If your company does not require the costume social, or at least you have Friday casual, when you can leave your suit aside and wear something less serious, the combination of the summer with pants, shirt and running shoes may seem simple, but will leave it with an air of respectable, even though relaxed, just use the • Read More »

The Look Right: about Sweatshirt

We talked in a recent article on combinations using sweaters sweatshirt, in this example of the week we go a little beyond, showing that it is possible to combine the two pieces of the same fabric in the same look and still create something elegant! Why does it work? Working with neutral colors and pieces • Read More »

How to Stop Being Fashion Designer and Becoming Fashion Entrepreneur

The inspiration for this article I get recalling a designer that I saw in an event long, shy and unsociable seemed to startled, it is very difficult to associate an image with a successful entrepreneur as well, either of the rotation that is. For this and much more I’ve seen in the short time I’ve • Read More »

T-Shirts For Farewell

The Stag/Hen and other celebrations, must be accompanied with the corresponding outfit. These parties are not the same without it being in the souvenir clothing and clothes that were made for its subsequent memory. In Garment Printing, among other services for various events, we also carry out t-shirts for farewell in Bachelor or bachelorette.

Button-Down Shirt

Button-down shirt is perhaps mostly associated with sun-bleached holiday style. Often in washed oxford and linen to best match the chinos and the light fabric shoes. But the button-down shirt is far more than the American East Coast Romance.

Quilted Jacket Fashion

The quilted Jacket is not entirely uncontroversial. Many highlights it as a versatile jacket for an often reasonably humane price, while others call jack type for tantiga rugs. Manolo has selected their favorite models for fall.

How to Wear a T-Shirt

How to wear his t-shirts of geek while wearing a look on top of the trends? Friends geeks, here is the fashion item that will let you no longer wear your favorite t-shirts, shamefully, in front of your computer or the Sunday after having locked the door. As you know, being a geek is chic, especially • Read More »

Down Jackets for Cold Weather

Personal flashbacks around the down jackets or chronology of a trend: 1994, I’m 10 years old, a binder Lafuma, good grades at school, panties with my name written on it and down jackets Chevignon are at least as ugly big Amerindian parka bought me my mother – I mean it’s what I think!

Long Sleeve Shirt with Tie

Hey, heard during a lecture on the subject of etiquette that tie together with long sleeve shirt (e.g. a v-neck Wool Sweater) is style crimes but that it’s ok to have a tie under a cardigan. What is your opinion?

WhATEveR Denim Jacket

Canvas blue raincoat for us to avoid getting wet from head to feet? We do not dream… Kaporal invented it, and served in the manufacture of the pieces of WhATEveR Jeans line.

How to Reuse an Old Flannel Shirt

Most of the time in our closets we find clothes that we do not intend to use, we prefer to throw them away and buy new ones, without knowing that most of these could be reused and transformed into new objects. This will allow us to create new objects and avoid spending very little to • Read More »

Different Styles of Mens Dress Shirts

The Style of dress shirts Le col de Chemise. The purpose of a shirt collar is well balance and frame the face of a man. It is the most visible of a shirt when you wear a jacket and due to its proximity to the face, she plays a very important role in the determination • Read More »

What Is The Small Loop In The Back Of Your Shirt?

You have maybe noticed her in the back of some of your shirts. What then? But if this little loop. You always wonder what it was? Well, now we have the answer… Clothes that are part of our daily lives continue to surprise us. Recently, after years to wonder, we discovered finally what were the • Read More »

How to Make Men’s Shirts

Introduction Make a shirt, today it is not so difficult, because you have patterns of all shapes and sizes to help you in working with business guide, which you can find within the monthly specialising in sewing, including of the pattern or even on the web. Before you start you have to choose the appropriate fabric: fabrics suited for men’s shirts, • Read More »