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Types of Chess: The Argyle

The plaid argyle is more commonly found in jackets, sweaters (as in the photo above) and socks, but there is no rule that prevents you from appearing in scarves, sweatshirts, ties, caps and even tennis. The best way to describe it would be saying that it consists of blocks in the shape of a diamond (or diamonds) on • Read More »

Military Jacket and Suit: Right or Risky?

How many times we have been in the vicissitude of not knowing what put us up a suit when we go to work and need a garment that although us not harbor too, yes we protect rain or cold. The long coats are a safe bet, perhaps the most classical, formal, and elegant.

From The Runways to The Small Screen: Cara Delevingne Test Everything

There is nothing and no one that can resist the face Delevingne model. After showing their vocal charms, now try luck on the small screen. How? With a starring role in the Timeless embodying Chloe, a young television series will have her husband serving in Afghanistan. But you do not believe that in the solo • Read More »

Elegance: Marion Cotillard in WSJ and Miranda Kerr in Harper’s Bazaar

Two covers I have loved these days: Marion Cotillard for WSJ Magazine y Miranda Kerr for Harper’s Bazaar in its British Edition. Two faces of the well-understood style: on the one hand the festive and luxury, and secondly, the sensuality of the lingerie fashion garments.

I-D Has Achieved It: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Shows Us Her Belly Pre-Mama

Absolute fan I am of the covers of I-d, but today a little more to see his new number. and it is that it appears the daughter of Carine Roitfeld, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, showing a prominent Belly pre-mama. That Yes, that appear completely without clothes like that not going with her. theirs has more class and • Read More »

Days of Rain, Spring Trenches

Much solete around but suddenly becomes the rainy day and it plays back to dip into the wardrobe-coats. With this so crazy time sometimes even compensates for not to make Cabinet changes by season or at least leave some basic timeless hand. For the days of rain, spring trenches. And so comfortable, like Blake Lively. • Read More »

FASHION Oracle What Could Copy Zara, H & M & Co Soon

I know not exactly when I thought for the first time about that, to turn back the world of fashion and its apparent Hochnäsigkeit, when I was safe for the first time, they no longer have together all the Anna Wintours of the world. Was this now pretty well known quote of the fictitious Grande • Read More »

H & M Design Award 2016 And The Winner Is: Hannah Jinkins

We are honest: hardly a market is so tough, supposedly so oversaturated and still as popular as this fashion frenzy. Year after year dismissed the high-profile Central Saint Martins fashion forging dreamer, Royal Academy of fine arts new talents and geniuses, blow out in the fashion world, and left them to their fate. Who believes • Read More »

This a Jacket Need Woman for Fall

No fall without leather jacket! The timeless classic – whether in black, Brown, or trendy pink – be missing in any wardrobe. Our site presents the most beautiful leather jackets from $50, which can be immediately geshoppt! Leather jackets come with us as fashion statement thanks to movie icons as Marlon Brando (d. 80) and • Read More »

This Coat Has an Instagram Account!

Women all over the world wear him: #ThatCoat, “this coat” a Spanish textile chain, which itself has become international favorite partly for the autumn. Thanks to the hype, the coat has been more Instagram followers than many a fashion. If someone pulls out his Smartphone to snap a certain Perón from the ambush, it must • Read More »

DIY Denim Jacket

DIY “Pimp My Jacket”: Spice Denim Jacket Do you wish you also sometimes a funky and flamboyant Jean jacket and be sure but nowhere find anything? I’ll show you today how you can quickly and easily aufpimpen you your own denim jacket. From an old denim jacket a new easily customize.

Down Jacket, The Return Of a Legend

At the end of the 1980s, the young french proudly showed the down jacket Chevignon, well ok, it was rather the gilded youth, one that was sometimes slapped because of this famous jacket; But still! Thanks to its inimitable look, this iconic model marked a whole generation.

Hot Jackets!

The Canada Goose Kensington Parka Yes, it is possible to spend thewinter in warm with a coat that doesn’t mask not the silhouette: the Kensington parka is here to prove it. They say that the Kensington is the Mercedes of winter jackets ! Why? Because long and fitted, it has of the white duck down with a factor of 625 • Read More »

How to Combine a Leather Jacket

What suits my leather jacket? Basics, tips and tricks and different ways to correct combining […] your leather jacket. The Perfectly Combined Leather Jacket The leather jacket is the ideal garment for nearly any occasion and all styles. There is hardly a style that would not fit on a leather jacket. Whether male or female, there are just enough • Read More »

Bench, The Look Of Your Wardrobe!

According to you, the fleece is all just good for the sexagenaires touring? You’re the type to think that if you do not type in the Italian brand ultra sharp, the jacket makes you look fat and it’s not girly? Well, we say you as you think, you got it all wrong! Because the streetwear • Read More »

Jacket, a Myth Signed Chanel

he site Inside – traces a new chapter in the history of the House, or how the iconic Coco originally created the Chanel jacket? In the years 50, believing that the look of the era was too cumbersome and ill-suited to the lifestyle, the designer guess a tailor in the masculine-feminine spirit in casual • Read More »

20 Looks Of Aria In Pretty Little Liars We Love

Question mode, the series are a great source of inspiration. Selena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, and Rachel Green in Friends. In the Pretty Little Liars series, it is Aria Montgomery, who won the prize for the most stylish heroine. Decryption of the look of the pretty • Read More »

30 Looks To Sting To Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner knows how to talk about it. Youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, she is Muse, designer and business woman at age 19 only. Bathed since childhood in the fashion world, today she has her own style. Decryption of the best mode of Kylie Jenner looks. Kylie Jenner has nothing to envy to Kendall Jenner, • Read More »

How To Look Thinner With The Right Clothes?

That were plumpness or not, it is always fun to find the clothes that go us to perfection. And, necessarily, that highlight us. Some outfits have even the power to lengthen our silhouette and make you appear thinner without the help of any scheme. We explain you everything. To look slimmer, just well choose his • Read More »

Zara Collection Winter 2016-2017: 35 Parts To Shopper!

The new collection of Zara already gives us desires fall and winter. We love parts trends of the season and, above all, we love find them at low prices in the rays of the Spanish giant. To give you some ideas, it has selected for you our 35 parts favorites of the collection fall winter • Read More »