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Swimwear Fashion Ideas

What fashion bathroom trend have you chosen this summer 2013? Surely the most favorable for your body. Throughout the month of August still ahead to continue enjoying the hottest days between the beach and the pool. Days to keep seeing the best bodies in bikini wearing the latest fashion ideas, as Irina Shayk a model • Read More »

Maybe It Will Be The Coca-Cola Is Trend (And Is Fashionable!)

If you were the Pepsi team now going to return comparisons, and it is that the Coca-Cola triumphs there where going. And is now introduced in the World of fashion, the luxury and beauty with collections of great designers and leading brands with capsule collections. Marc Jacobs, Ashish and OPI They launched their own collections • Read More »

Yikes, the Aerobics String Is Back

Warning, this is retro – and damn hot! A sparse Tezukuri from the 1980s is revived for the late summer: bikinis and swimsuits have now which is an extremely high leg. Models and stars like the Kardashians are the ‘high cut’ already. A deep décolleté is already old hat. A new snippet, the extreme at • Read More »

Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy

Bikinis, two-piece, a piece, trikini, looking for THE swimsuit that will go with YOUR silhouette. Soft belly, buttocks, chest? You have a round shape. Cosmo concocts a selection of swimwear on measure to spend the summer without complex. The world of faaaaabuleux of morphology, there are several boxes. You enter in the “round” when your figure is heavy as • Read More »

Where to Find a Swimsuit in the Winter

Destination Beach in the middle of winter and not bikini on the horizon? In addition to finding the right size and the right model, choose the right swimsuit is further complicated when we bought it out of season. Swimsuit one-piece, bikini, bandeau, two-piece, monokini, swimsuit push-ups, swimsuit large size… Because there are no summer to find a swimsuit • Read More »

What is a Burkini Swimsuit

It’s a soft mutation. Little by little, the beaches adopt Islamic standards, earning the company. But some few regions are resistant. Dressed in a gray and full veil that see that his face and hands, the woman is wisely seated on a small folding chair at the edge of the water. His mobile phone out of arms, she • Read More »

Swimwear for Winter

In December, it’s cold. This is not a new one. But instead of dwelling on the rotten winter climate, I suggest you warm the atmosphere! After all, lingerie and bikini marks, they also celebrate Christmas. Many offer advent calendars and exclusive collections for the holidays. It shines is colorful and full of lace. In short, it sends the dream! # 1 • Read More »

Beautiful Beach: Where To Find Her Swimsuit In Geneva

Summer is approaching fast: we must quickly prepare your beach outfit. You have not yet purchased your swimsuit ? Here are three places in Geneva to do it quickly. Eras: the beauty with ease To discover the new eras collection in Geneva, go you to the 8th Street in Italy. A swimsuit one-piece particularly caught our • Read More »

What Color Of Swimwear For My Skin Tone?

The choice of the swimsuit, it is an art. Because we need to find the right cut, the printed and color that are suitable to our silhouette, but also to our skin tone. So, what tone choose to enhance your complexion? We help you in this difficult task. Light skin, or dark: each carnation is • Read More »

How To Stay Stylish Three Looks Cannon Beach

Summer and here and your beach needs are more pressing. Only dreaming of warm sand and Sun on your skin. Only fly in the ointment: what to wear to stay stylish? You recycle your swimsuit and your pareo mottled in a market in the South of France for three years already and you feel good • Read More »

What Jersey For My Morpho?

Each year, find the swimsuit that will go you to perfection on the beach is a real chore. Finished tops too small and low-growing… To save time and enhance your body, helping you choose your shirt according to your morpho. Your mission, if you accept it: find the perfect swimsuit . Exit the passage in • Read More »

Bikini: 9 Things That Show Us That It Really Isn’t Our Best Friend

We already knew yet, a reminder is in order: the bikini seems straight from hell. Every summer, it’s the same refrain: it’s hot, very hot, 30 degrees in the shade… And we cannot prevent us from out of the closet or buy this famous microscopic swimwear. Even if we confront 9 troublesome points mentioned below. • Read More »

Swimwear: Choose Her Swimsuit

The swimsuit We take the lead and we’re already thinking about the swimsuit that will make us the star of the beach this summer: catcher, sublimate our body, hide our physical flaws and highlight us… One that we will more resemble a mermaid as a whale, who seem to have been created for us. In short, • Read More »

Arena Swimwear Reviews

Arena presents its line of costumes for the spring-summer 2011 collection. The brand now leader in Waterwear, celebrates a new vision of the aquatic world, recovering the lost or hidden aspects of nature and mixing them in order to obtain a collection that aims to involve tradition and technology. The line Pool in 2011 dedicated to the swimming pool is characterized by a fusion of • Read More »

Yamamay Swimwear Catalogue

Here are pictures of the 2011 summer collection of swimwear Yamamay, line joining different shapes and fantasies for a proposal capable of mixing of diverse trends and inspirational ideas, able to meet all the demands of its customers, particularly to the younger .Yamamay proposal for the warm season provides different models for different ways to express their femininity, • Read More »

10 Stars Swimsuits To Copy Without Moderation

Summer is approaching and with it the ultimate question mode: on what swimsuit bet zero defects at the beach for a look? Our vacation destination has already been chosen, the concern of our look is far from being resolved. The solution? Copy without hesitation the safe taste of our favorite celebrities. Gisele Bundchen to Lea • Read More »

Models And Tips For Choosing The Right Swimsuits And Bikinis

If anyone still thinks the extra pounds are reason not to go to the beach or pool, it’s time to leave prejudices aside and change your mind. The plus size fashion has been investing in models of swimsuits and bikinis to plump who value the curves and leave the female body as well. According to the fashion consultant • Read More »