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The Right Lingerie for Every Body Type

Do you know what your body type? It is an important detail for your online purchases are perfect! Receive a merchandise in the comfort of the home it’s great; Know that this piece is best suited for you, is even better.

H & M Is That The Peta: Gisele Bundchen Its New Image of Bathing Suits

Go, go, go, how the batteries are becoming the de! H & M! And is that after presenting Miranda Kerr as its new image for this Spring-summer 2014, now presented his new face for his bathroom collection. And on this occasion it is the perfect Gisele Bundchen which is responsible for presenting the new models • Read More »

Where to Buy Jeggings Online

Because it is fine to talk and talk again, this “weet look jegging”. But in practice? Aside from that he’s now sale at £ 21 in the way. I did leave the stack of seam. Not that the hem is actually, no. He is a victim of the bad back reboulage not top. But let’s move on.

How to Choose the Right Bra

You find your fizzled breasts or, on the contrary, a little too full? Regardless of the size or the shape of your breasts, it is always possible to value, or at least be sure to keep it to avoid the effect “falling.” Princess Tam Tam direction to find the model of BRA adapted to your morphology.

Beads out of Bra

I get almost daily visitors arrived on my blog with a query about the type “search engines  beads out of my bra”, “how to choose a bra to prevent the beads under the arms,” “breasts overflowing what? Wrong size? “. I had already given some explanations “bead phenomenon” in my article ” Finding your true bra size is important!  “And • Read More »

Tregging Fashion Femme

A subject to high risk: the tregging. Everyone talking about it, it’s the play of the season, and that you adhere or not, you have already seen around you. For neophytes who don’t come out ever from home, let me explain: the tregging is a rock and glamorous version legging, leggings, but leather.

Right Choice of Bra

A bra, it cannot be bought in two minutes. He must take his time, try a lot, check if one of the pub we will… Some women I care see their lingerie as a must-see interest-free (must be for it to maintain and that’s not too bad) or as an object of seduction for intimacy (transparency and • Read More »

How to Choose the Right Fitting Bra

Not easy to choose a bra. To help us find the model that suits us, Stephanie Macpherson, consultant at Lyla Collection explains the basic rules.

Bra Trend 2016

Beautiful and fancy bras are the trend. Not only today, but always. But what kind of bras are the trend, the dear reader is another question. Almost every year new trends. The celebrities do it before. Well, almost always it is so that the celebrities-enter the beautiful and rich a template of what is currently popular. They present new brands and • Read More »

Black Leather Leggings

Today we will talk of leather pants, leather leggings or leather look. We will give you some advice to do your NIOHC and avoid errors of taste. Decidedly, leather stands as a must have that runs through the seasons and generations. Among the recommended items, it provides the pants in leather or imitation, kitsch piece of the • Read More »

Women’s Plus Size Corsets

If you love the look of satin sensual, smooth leather or lace sexy, many figure flattering styles of plus size corsets are perfect for a night on the town or an evening of fantasy fun. Corsets: Then and Now For hundreds of years the ladies corsets were worn as clothing functional. Their purpose was to keep • Read More »

How to Sew a Corset

This plain-looking piece of lingerie, corset is actually able to completely change the appearance of women is a sensitive and, at the same time, vulnerable and tender. Made of hands corset emphasize all his dignity and skillfully hides figure flaws. In it you will feel the perfect woman – regal and romantic. How to Sew • Read More »

Galb’& Comfort, My Future Essential Lingerie

At first, I need to buy a new BRA, if not at Intermarché I’ll go shopper! Yet, teaching to the Musketeers launched a line of lingerie invisible to the incredible comfort. For the name, nothing sensational, given rather explicit: Galb’& comfort. But this well-named range widely turns up to its promises. A chest that looks • Read More »

The Sexy Bottom By Excellence!

The string Completely invisible under clothing. e string allows us to wear tight pants or a white skirt without that nobody is any trace of underwear. Anyway, the string, it is the ideal room to look even more sexy  ! How a slip can be so small? The string is a piece of lingerie made from two parts • Read More »

How to Wash Satin Nightgown

Satin is a precious fabric, we can even consider it as a luxury fabric. So it is normal that the satin robe is a luxurious bathrobe and more, this kind of robe is of unparalleled sweetness. If you’re not convinced yet, let the editorial team tell you more about the satin robe.

Lingerie: Fans Of Below Have The Floor!

On our site we report on the latest in lingerie, as we have little – or not – used to give voice to women who, for the love of the below, would be ready for everything (or almost!). That’s why we chose to rectify this not our gap and to invite a few women to deliver • Read More »


And if you to lean on your underwear? In addition to your latest trendy acquisitions, it might be time to take stock of your must – have seduction. With our selection, browse the latest lingerie trends and slip into the skin of three sexy muses. The Baby doll, adept of the “sweet” mode, crush soft • Read More »

Lingerie: Triumph Released Its “Miss”

The lingerie brand Triumph offers a choice of refined products that adapt to the morphology of the beauties of the 21st century. The lingerie Triumph brand offers a choice of refined products that adapt to the morphology of the beauties of the 21st century. The series under “Miss” cater to the naughty lolita of today • Read More »

Finding the Right Sports Bra for Running

Finding the right sports bra makes your workout more comfortable and it will thus be more fun to exercise. When you exercise, so also moves the breasts, which can tear the tissues, except that it is inconvenient.

Maintain Her Lingerie

Your underwear are precious and fragile. Often made of delicate fabrics like cotton, satin, lace or silk, it must take care to keep for as long as possible. Your underwear are precious and fragile. Often made of delicate fabrics like cotton, satin, lace or silk, it must take care to keep for as long as • Read More »