Cristiano Ronaldo and His “Discreet” Brand of Clothing CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo He is the man of fashion, a presumptuous and arrogant footballer who makes almost everything it touches, and you know to make the most of its dorsal fin of Manchester and his first two initials in gold, CR7. That is the idea that a few years ago was born to its own brand of clothing and accessories and that it sold exclusively on the two boutiques in Portugal.

The first of these is in Madeira, hometown of the United Front, there is where he began to expand his small textile Empire. Far from conform to a store, Christian opens a second in Lisbon that gives out its collection to all visitors who come to the capital Lisbon.

It is a line designed by and for the player. In your store we can see jeans, tailored shirts, belts with their initials or shoes buckle and square toe. A collection that glance seems close to the universe of firms in Italian, although with a degree of wants and I can not.

Embedded broadband and Golden buckle with bright belts and the initials of CR7 are one of the complements of worship, not suitable for discreet people who want to go unnoticed.

Jeans with back pockets of skin and firm plate have to be obligatorily accompanied former belt.

And to top it off, these black side buckle and square toe shoes, that many adjectives, but beautiful none occur to me. That bringing all this up is surely clear who is your Idol?