Custo Barcelona against Unequal by Imitation

Two of the most stylish and avant-garde market brands are “the brawl”. And all by plagiarism. Seems to be that Unequal He has imitated various garments of the Catalan firm Custo Barcelona, and in addition, repeatedly. Explains it the designer who says that you copies “are too many and very obvious since long time ago, and because our lawyers have advised us to act to put an end to this situation”.

Casulidades of life, yesterday I was in the shopping complex Las Rozas Village and the store Unequal. There were many shirts that reminded me to Custo for graphic design, the fusion of materials and the huge colorful. But I already do not know what plagiarism because I have not compared with other garments.

In the fashion industry it is common to copy something or inspired by something concrete, but Custo Dalmau says that no known precedent”systematic backup”of a project like that carries out uneven with the signature Custo Barcelona.

Have also detected that this brand not only copy fashion but that follow them in the opening of establishments, and have come even to contact their Distributor for the marketing of its products.

We will see in what is all this dispute, but it is clear that everything will be decided in the courts.