Duel between Sisters Elle or Dakota Fanning for Teen Vogue?

Christmas, a time of fraternity, of family gatherings until the body and champagne make us fade, time of smiles and cordiality … because in this time that we are concerned, we have decided to stand up to all this Christmas buenismo with a deadly duel, a combat to K.O between two women, two sisters of the same blood blood.

It has come to light the new magazine cover Teen Vogue and its protagonist is one of the hermanisimas, with permission of the Olsens and the Middleton, talking about the hermanisimas Fanning.

Elle Fanning stars in the cover of January’s magazine for teenagers and makes it a youthful and beautiful close-up, red as a tomato and own, very typical for its age.

On the other side of the ring we have also a Fanning, Dakota, who accomplished this magazine cover.

Who wins the fight?

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