Editing More Controversial of Vogue Paris

Already back in April, Vogue He had a very controversial cover which showed a basketball player and model Gisele Bundchen that it looked tiny beside her. The criticism focused on the idea of beauty and the beast in a somewhat racist sense I think that the image at any time was trying to transmit.

So, if darts going in that direction, now the Paris edition of the magazine launches ones even more poisoned with a strong statement of intent on the part of Carine Roitfield, the editor of the magazine in France. It is a criticism of activist groups for the protection of animals in terms of the use of non synthetic fur in the fashion world.

The protagonists of the photos are Mario Testino as the creator and Rachel Zimmerman as the model, who appears in each and every one wearing two fur coats, chinchilla, Fox, etc. all dressed in black and with a lot of makeup to the Shirley Manson to give prominence to the shelters. I must say that the pictures are great and that the Rachel look looks very trendy, but as always I think that the same effect can be achieved with synthetic fur.

Hence, do not agree with the editorial of Vogue Paris for August and me one to prompt protests from groups such as PETA they are also immortalized in photos with posters that criticized the use of skins around the Zimmerman.

Beauty does not harm other living things to get it.