Fashion Editorial Canton-MS

Who like winter to walk and elegant around? Everyone gets more during this period. Well, the temperatures are already lowering and nothing better than a warm and stylish look, isn’t it? Yesterday I passed the Canton Store Shopping Campo Grande to check everything close to the winter collection, and I made a post of looks gracious good to chicks flip out a look more beautiful than the other. I confess that I could not resist and I searched some parts and soon you will see me hitting leg with them around. We can’t forget that Valentine’s Day is coming, and all we want to be beautiful and adorned to our love! Another important thing is that we can help the guys, just take a print of your post, with the look that you like and tell what app for him, real easy, real easy! Man like this girls, practicality, so a little push never hurt nobody saw.

The autumn/winter of 2016 Canton is inspired by a trip to the nautical world, in the universe of the Pathfinder, lift new horizons, to face the unknown, new lands, new people, things that get involved with mysticism and the primitivism of native, along with the current world. Guys, the result was a collection full of beautiful colors and interesting contrast, navy blue, yellow green and burnt forest act as predominant colors for rich mixtures of textures where folk and the chart. What we can do now is wait for this season? Breathtaking parts of any fashion lover. I and the Canton have a case of eternal love everyone already knows.

I chose some looks for today and I confess that it was difficult to select small thing! Loved the pictures, dresses, trim parts. Okay comfortable and versatile, including pieces that we can use in all other seasons.