Galb’& Comfort, My Future Essential Lingerie

At first, I need to buy a new BRA, if not at Intermarché I’ll go shopper! Yet, teaching to the Musketeers launched a line of lingerie invisible to the incredible comfort. For the name, nothing sensational, given rather explicit: Galb’& comfort. But this well-named range widely turns up to its promises.

A chest that looks good without artifice
With moulded shells very ergonomic, all the breasts will be curved as it should, thanks to a foam which takes shape according to the shape of your breasts and enhances them without the “pusher”.
Balance sheet, our do not go back under the Chin, and Charles is not all disappointed when undressing.
Yet can be proud, because the bust is maintained and enhanced.

A well thought ultra comfort
You say, well ok, it’s invisible, not lace, itchy, then! But the comfort of this bra does not stop in so good way. His frames are covered with MOSS, so do not hurt. And clip “high tech” heat-sealed in the back has no seams, and so does not sting.
The thin straps scient not the shoulder. In short, finally a comfortable bra you forget and keeps.

Side panties, we play less sexy, but the good news: your buttocks are not seeking escape from this lingerie second skin (a Board, ogle putot on size below yours. What to put in a good mood !).
Note that these panties is perfect for sports including.

Bonus : also the successful technical innovation, this set is the huge advantage of not making gaping hole in vote bank. What more?