Gift Guide Lios Wish List

LIO is now approximately fourteen months old, he lurches up from table to chair to Mommy, constantly builds accidents with the learning of his carriage and says most no, also if he so thinks. Take’s me not too bad, but if I’m completely honest, then I must confess to be since but at least an idea of the thing with the communication and the practical jokes is to my heart daily beats me up to the neck and almost nothing is so beautiful to look at as the bright-eyed of my still almost bald Rascal boy before sheer impatience is not the most appropriate baby mother, when he proudly tries to push the complete bread and butter at once into his chubby cheeks. The first proper Christmas together will be a celebration, for the very first time I decorate even the apartment. Just I’m still not sure what will end up under the tree. It should be something small, fun, and perhaps even a practical surprise, very determined but a winter suit by Finkid, which was placed now me all parents as heart, I know. Not many are for this very clever though.

About even more tips I am very happy, but maybe something for your favorite child is in my small LIO wishlist:

Poster of MINI VILLA.
Anti-tip over plates of RICE.
Dwarf winter coverall from FINKID.
Ferret scarf by OEUF.
Sock Monkey by HICKUPS, or better: for a good cause.
Playon crayons by STUDIO SKINNY.
Slippers from COLLEGIEN.
Insulated LAU remote boots by JOCHIE.
Wooden excavator by SEVI.
Music station by HABA.
Garland of FABELAB.
Cloth of Rabi.
Pole Dragon by SELECTA.
Slobber cloth by Rabi.