H & M Winter Collection 2016: 30 Must-Have Pieces!

Paradise of fashion at low prices, H & M is the staple of the shopping spree. Trends fashion and good classics, there are all the ideal Wardrobe Essentials. Warm jackets, dresses to winter and shoes trends, offers us the Swedish giant this season? The answer with 30 pieces drawn directly in the H & M fall collection winter 2016-2017!

Shopping, that’s good. Front locations, it is better. Efficiency and speed. To avoid going in circles in all departments, we did the sorting so we chose the strongest parts of the season, those you’ll necessarily like. Dresses, coats or shoes, here are 30 reasons to go to H & M.

H & M collection winter 2016-2017: warm clothing

The warmth and comfort are at the rendezvous at H & M. Ça falls rather well: that’s exactly what we’re looking for in the winter.

Suddenly, winter sweaters, in good standing generally the essentials of the season, real softies. Pink candy, Bordeaux and printed jacquard for spirit mountain, the mesh of the winter playing Classic as we like.

Winter pants are also lainés to keep warm at the top and bottom. Result? The maxis pants very thick to counter the cold.

Of course, there is also the winter coats : long straight coats, down jackets, padded jackets and lambswool leather coats, coats Max (because we see big this season).

H & M Studio fall winter 2016-2017: sharp collection

As always, the H & M Studio collection offers unique fashion pieces. This season, instead the couture spirit. Long dresses in smooth velvet, embroidery, fall boots winter way Croc and modern cuts, fashionistas are likely to have some fun.

H & M collection winter 2016-2017: a boyish chic silhouette

People come here. Where? At most. If he had retained that one style, one job for this one. Boyish chic, here’s what to be.

This season, put on boots with our winter robes, the must of dresses fall winter. We wear the fedoras (these long edges in felt hats). In fact, to sum up, we play map of tomboy. We play with women’s ultra mode parts like the neo-victorienne blouse or the plunging neckline what you mix with a menswear.

You’ll see it’s easy and very stylish.

H & M fall shoes winter 2016-2017

His habit, H & M offers a wide choice of shoes fall winter 2016-2017. Sneakers to stilettos through the winter boots, the Swedish giant also knows to go into the field of fall fashion trends winter 2016-2017 with pieces like the babies or vintage pumps, for example.

If you want to respect the codes of the boyish style, we leverage rather men’s shoes as derbies, moccasins or even the boots.

And then, as you already know, there will be Kenzo x H & M collaboration which promises a collection rich in colors…



H&M Conscious Collection 2012

H&M Conscious Collection 2012

Source: www.popsugar.com