I Want Sun Lying Down with My Harper’s Bazaar

I’m nothing wrong not when I say that the summer encourages us all and we do make going to work look from one completely different perspective. We see new points of view and (most of us personally that myself) work much better. We give the best of us. But if there is a header that lives in his moral summer the 365 days of the year is Harper’s Bazaar Spain. Yes, I dare to say and check to our homeland Edition as the best of all that there is. And is that part of its content (I read from beginning to end), the covers you draw attention from the first moment.

Many times by using a white background, other times by force that have the photography itself, and on other occasions for things like the today: a hot cover that reminds us that we are already living the best time of the year. A swimming pool, in animal print towel and body lying down and in the hands of San Lorenzo.Obviamente to the pool are not going with the best jewels (or other?), but you know, in that publishers imagination plays a very important role.

Even so, no longer is if the distribution of titles or what but I think they accomplished the impossible: surprise publication after publication. And is that once again, I cannot be objective front of my favorite magazine.

What you think you?