In the Dressing Room of the Bobstore!

This week I visited the Bobstore in Shopping Campo Grande and wanted to take the whole store, I love clothes, no way. To kill my will, I went to the dressing room of the store and decided to photograph the looks to share with you. Since holiday comes around, lots of events, then keep inspiration fashion to facilitate in time to get dressed. Sometimes we have a party to go to, a dinner more tidy, maybe even the solemnity of any graduation, or the birthday of a friend, or even a celebration in which we want to be especially beautiful, chic and glamorous!

I made a few clicks of the new collection of Bobstore that is once again is amazing, if overcoming every day, very cool, many looks on our station vibe. I love it when several different looks for different occasions. And as last week was the release of the new cocktail collection I could not miss, I looked at everything, hanger by hanger, people of purchases, to see what brighten my beautiful closet, because that’s how news releases we love!!!

In addition to celebrate and spend an afternoon delicious, I did my shopping and I selected some looks to show you, I also love news, good one! I confess that my eyes were shining every look that I tasted. What I found the collection? Completely wonderful, the fabric, the finish, all very well standardized. Not to mention that the atmosphere of the store is a delight, super cozy and to close the service with a golden key, the girls at the store offered me a homemade pudding cake which is of the gods! Attendance note 1000 of the whole team from Campo Grande Mall store!!