In the Test Christmas Mission with the Zalon Styling Service

It’s like: I come from a bourgeois family that insists no player family, which means as much as: all hippies who still want their stupid Knigge. While my grandparents still bathe in the elegant old-school, my parents like to take the one or the other rebel information shower – who’s looked good in education, is very familiar with this dilemma, apples fall because only rarely far from the tree. Anyway, that’s probably also the reason for my own inner conflict when ask more generally applicable traditions to table. At Christmas, for example, when the Christmas tree full of tinsel hangs and very solemn, but not too stiff, please all of pay should go. On time so also the struggle for my Holy evening outfit has started puberty and really, the battle is not fought out obviously, a couple of weeks begins the values Maman of my sisters and me before the day of days already with the cautious questions regarding our planned wardrobe. Reasons mind you. There were times, as I held nothing of dress codes in, whether they are so loose flaky designed. The announcement is as follows:”dressed please be reasonable, and not these big shoes as you all always wear it!” AHA. What do you mean it. Jeans are also taboo, I have written now me behind the spoon. And now comes into play, the new styling service by Zalando Zalon.

Before a few weeks chirped me my friend Martha Gille already, that I right there in the future as online style consultant can book, just I do not quite understand the big picture and stopped a little bit on the hose while I waited they on a suitable opportunity to catapult me into the role of experimental rabbit – until the penny in the face of the approaching Christmas, finally fell. A killing task if you ask me. To fish out from over 700,000 products the right seemed pretty well meant, but utopian. No matter you should think Yes always positive and above all abstain from distortions of competition. Martha could not get this time. But stylist Saskia Tiffany mountain. And it was so;

First of all, I must create me a profile at and fill out a small questionnaire in the connection. Is jiffy. Size, hair color, weight, rather like PEAR or Beanstalk, which colors and brands like, what can I find to the spittoon, and so on and so forth. The fun discipline: Disliken outfits. The styling program want to know quite precisely in which mouth later on the phone in any case may be commenced. I decide against snakes-look dresses, white sneaker black tights and schlackernde capes. To my surprise not only look but is of, of my heart completely to the break brings, rather, the opposite is the case, I get used to pretty high-quality Street style pictures. Then is the Tinder procedure the personal favorite styling professional from a colorful Potpourri selected, and hey presto I make even a phone date with Saskia, the clothes fairy of my choice. Check. So far, so good running.

Rings now, my heart is racing, I don’t know what I want, mainly just Christmas. Calls with strangers is about as refreshing as the transfer of the tax for me. Everything still worry, I was not only with one, but with both feet on the tube: Saskia is even not a stranger, just a half alien, anyway, we told us here and there already once Hi, what doesn’t change the fact that the arms here has someone on the phone, panicking when loss of control. I want to help me, really. Two times a deep breath and come on.

We talk briefly about our children and Kita fever and the weather bad, but the mood is good, all of a sudden we chew over clothes. Smart by Saskia, the entry is made. A bit like a dentist, which already at”two” stands for. About sticks and batons we advised finally to the Christmas issue (the outfit to work please also afterwards and if possible also in the summer). After another three minutes with my personal stylist feel arrived a bit like in the therapist’s Chair, in the most positive of all the senses. Finally someone who understands me, the traditions takes seriously and mischievously, finally someone who takes the time to fix my fashionable little aches and pains. But how. Saskia knows the entire Zalando Portfolia like their pants pocket.”Black silk scarves we don’t, do you like rather high heel shoes, is set, aha conveniently, black dress? Yes, I like dress, you could try but what with patterns, no, these shoes don’t look like this, trust me, i’ve got unisa as already placed on the head, you know? Kalle, but now, one A quality, aha wool coat, difficult topic, but from top shop we have something nice, just not square clutch, not festive enough, I see rather little ornaments about.” so goes then a while and sometime is me open my mouth because I though have the feeling that Saskia goes with inhuman patience on me, but keep the sceptre definitely not me in the hand. Me is afraid. I just said”medium-high shoes”? And that zigzag is clear? Fake fur? All together? And”I will like to surprise me?” seriously? I hate to be surprised, at least when it comes to my own wardrobe. As well as always, everything is resolved for time to say goodbye. While I’d have to say absolutely nothing against a Cup after phone date coffee with Saskia, the woman is a grenade. Can talk faster than me, just never loses the thread. Fascinating.

Two days later the postman bringing packed full with a fixed and final Christmas tree outfit a blue patterned package me. As before a shrine, I kneel seconds later on the ground and pull the cardboard to finally see what is blossom me on 24 May. Back send could of course also, even free of charge, but we want to paint the blame not on the wall. With a skillful karate handle I smash the lid, the first thing I see: M Missoni. Hallelujah! Hit sunk. To this day, I still didn’t even know that label at all in Zalando slumbers. The same is true for the shoes, Saskia has chosen for me.”unisa” still nothing, why the hell, they are nice tells me the wildledernen Slip-In pumps. A pair of pantyhose are provided also in the package, I don’t need that but, at Christmas, the fireplace is either way to flaring. Only the bag reminds me of first Paris Hilton, the surprise is great, as they end up but still make sense. And then the wool jacket from Our site – size 38, while I had liked a 36. The first blunder? Shortly over thrown me makes sense: the rocket wife simply smarter thought as I: loose the jacket should fall is a bit oversized. Check.

Sometimes I Yes tend too motivated to swing the leg of complaining, especially when it comes to fixed ideas of large corporations. This time however was taken the wind out of the sails. I animated happy dance during the fitting through the living room, stress free.
Zalon has actually worked for me. At Christmas, I’m wearing an outfit that I had never painted me. But one that suits me, though to me slightly pushes out my wellness zone. But that’s the point probably. Of the questionnaire gave me the opportunity, too, the point”I would like to try something new” to select. I will now, along with shoes, whose name I can not remember and a bag that would work well as table decorations.

Jacket: Our site / bag: tear / dress: M Missoni / shoes: unisa
And here her Zalon itself can try out.

– in friendly cooperation with Zalon by Zalando –