Inditex Continues to Grow, Reaching The 1,674 Million Euros of Profit

Inditex back to weather the storm and already going… The Spanish textile company achieved a net profit of 1,674 million euros, 1% in the first nine months of its fiscal year (from February to October) in the past 2012. 1% more compared with 17% improvement already recorded for a year from 2011. In addition sales rose 5% to the 11.925 million euros (if these were at constant exchange rate they would rise 8%).

There is no context and analysts who can with Inditex, as much as they want to see the accounts in red and that the textile group does not meet your expectations this still does not pass. Even commented gross operating result (EBITDA) remains stable, achieving 2.776 billion euros, at the level of 2012, when they managed to 2.278 million euros. The net operating result that low 1.7% to 2,148 million.

The network of shops of Inditex continues to grow. 362 more than in 2012, in total 6.249 premises around the world, distributed in 54 different markets. Draws attention to what brand grows more in new stores: Stradivarius (62), Zara (57), Bershka (49), Zara Home (31), Massimo Dutti (19), Pull & Bear and Oysho (18), Uterqüe closed with 4 stores less. Zara and Bershka are the forts of Inditex, maybe in next months Stradivarius is as follows.

Among its future expansions textile group hopes with Zara online to Korea in the South and Mexico in 2014. Inditex aims to keep improving their own stores, renewing them with its new image in addition to expand their own establishments acquiring other small shops nearby for this.

The number of employees of Inditex arrives to the 124.880 all over the world. Last year it created put new 8.757 (about 800 in Spain).

Looking to sales in the last quarter, Inditex moves its store at constant exchange rates sales to climb 10% between November 1 and December 8.