Jeans Embroidered: The Piece that Leaves Any Look More Modern

Jeans are in everyone’s wardrobe and it’s a piece that goes well with any other, from a basic white T-shirt to a tailor’s item. On the feet, any combination is also valid, even with the slide slipper , which won our hearts last summer and promises to be hit next summer as well.

Jeans Embroidered The Piece that Leaves Any Look More Modern

The embroidery, as well as the patches , give a charm to the jeans and leave any look much more stylish. And, like everything in fashion, they did not come out of nowhere and have appeared in many pieces in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Now it’s super high and we can find them in any store. Style consultant Danyla Borobia gave the hint of thinking embroidery as a print, because it makes it easier to plan a look with an embroidered piece.

Floral embroidery is the most common, but the star embroidery is also gaining ground in fashion and some brands are betting heavily on this trend. The stones, beads and pearls also appear in some pieces, forming beautiful designs and giving an air of hand made that enriches any production. You can also mix styles if you want a more modern look, the tip Danyla has given is to wear flowery embroidered jeans and a leather jacket with a rockier footprint and a male-shaped shoe. According to her, this type of production is quite interesting and bold.

Like good old basic jeans, the embroidered version promises to be one of your best friends inside the closet and can leave any basic look not so basic. Fashion consultant Danyla Borobia helped us with some tips on how to use this piece and rave about it.

Embroidered jeans

The darling jeans are one of the most versatile and easy to use pieces. The embroidery leaves the piece more relaxed, colorful and different. If you combine with a white T-shirt, for example, the look will stop being obvious and will gain more attitude.

If you want to use this trend but do not want to draw too much attention, Danyla suggests looking for pieces that have a smaller embroidery in the pockets or the bar.

Embroidered jeans jacket

Just like the pants, the denim jacket is a must-have that gives a break in more serious productions. It can be a piece with a chic look if it is embroidered in pearl or pearls or more funky if you have flowers or colorful figures.

An interesting tip is to wear the jacket to balance the look, valuing the silhouette. Danyla Borobia indicates wearing an oversized modeling a little longer than the skirt, shorts or dress, which leaves the look stripped and jovial.

Embroidered jeans shorts

For summer, jeans shorts are fresh and stylish. With embroidery, it can leave the common place taking prominence in colorful looks that are the face of the hottest season of the year.

For cold days, the style consultant says to make up the shorts look with pantyhose , sneakers and a warm and comfortable sweatshirt. The embroidered shorts will give an air of sophistication to the basic look.

Embroidered jeans skirt

The skirts and all their variations come in full force with embroidery. A long denim skirt embroidered with ethnic floral motifs is ideal if you’re boho-style , and if you’re more of the rock line, a star-studded miniskirt will leave your supercool look.

The hint of wearing pantyhose on cooler days is also valid for skirts, they will leave you warm and the embroidery on the piece will add a touch of style to the composition.

Embroidered jeans dress

This piece is perhaps one of the most transited among varied styles. With an immense diversity of models, jeans with delicate embroidery that resemble an income, for example, are romantic and enthralling.

Danyla Borobia advises wearing the midi jeans dress with embroidery because, in addition to being a length that is fashionable, it lengthens the silhouette. On the feet, the shoes in the tone of the skin also give the illusion of lengthening the legs, a legal idea for the small ones.