Jezebel Kiosk: Covers to Take into Account This Month Coming

Have already passed the equator of the month, that means that the fashion magazines they are beginning to launch their numbers for the coming month. And today I do a review of the covers that most have captivated me. Or struck. Or simply, they made me spend a bit of my time. So what most sells at first sight is not the content, but the look of the magazine. And if this has a good home, has already won battle. And a magazine that knows to win each battle is Harper ’ s Bazaar Spain. And is that the home version has nothing to envy to the others: I would say that today is the magazine with best quality.

and proof of that is this image where we see Eniko Mihalik sheathed in a minidress of Paco Rabanne and giving it Welcome to summer. That Yes, those legs are a little ‘ false ’. Is it hand of Photoshop?

And the Spanish version we pass to the American commitment to Kate Moss sheathed in an Alexander McQueen. That is succeed through the front door, and that the model knows how to pose on camera. It is therefore one of the most reputable tops of yesterday, today and do tomorrow?

absolute fan I declare of Cara Delevigne. And it is that the image of Burberry Prorsum is proving more than that is worth for this world. And his latest work on the cover (in duplicate) of Tush Magazine. Two close-up shots where we see the sister of Poppy by the most sexy, sensual and spectacular. which of the two do you prefer? I with both!

There is no two without three, no three no four, etc & #8230;

And are not two, three, or four or five proposals of Vogue Germany for this month’s June 2012. A total of six covers make up this new number. I too much? You can but for tastes the colors, and the magazine gives us to choose. But the truth is that the colors do not call me much attention, and it is that they they are off to greet the impending summer.

Which publication do you prefer?