Karl Lagerfeld Congratulates Marie Claire Spain for Its 25th Anniversary

You already have the? November magazines? If you have not yet visited the kiosk, reserve a place in your basket for this month’s Edition of Marie Claire. The Spanish magazine celebrates November 25 years of existence, with the appearance of Karl Lagerfeld as guest editor. He put his personal stamp on the magazine, acts as a photographer, and granted an interview with juicy statements with them, as always, are not indifferent.

The supermodels have been put under the spotlight of your camera Jon Kortajerena, Heidi Mount and Kati Nescher, cover of the magazine and protagonists of a mysterious story in black and white. The days of this disenador-fotografo must have at least 40 hours and not 24.

The specimen, thought for collectors, gathers in addition to the most influential Spaniards and actresses with more future of Spanish cinema.