Kiss Me All over [The 50 Sweethearts of Summer]

Let yourself be invade by the spirit of the good vibes and the love to flow through your veins. If you do not want that Cupid you throw a spear (pun intended) love, leaves unless you pull it is to your garments. Thus they You can send kisses right and left, and it is this print gives good vibes. Why firms are quick to show their proposals where Kisses and lips they are the protagonists.

And there are no limits: from dresses passing through shoes, making a stop in swimwear and ending in bags. There are both where you choose! That Yes, we move on very disparate prices, so it will be best for your clinical eye is fixed on clothing low-cost (for the sake of) your economy).

  • White bathing suit of Bershka, 19.99 EUR.
  • Asymmetric dress of Mango, 59.99 EUR.
  • Dress with draped neckline of Saint Laurent, 2.390 euros.
  • Red suede mini bag of Charlotte Olympia, 360 euros.
  • White Hoody with red and pink lips of Stella McCartney, 345 euros.
  • Flat Sandals by camel with slogan embossed color of Markus Lupfer, 321,18 euros.
  • Clutch with lipstick in Fuchsia pink design of Lulu Guinness, 344,37 euros.

Photos | Gary Pepper

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