Lady in Red… Reese Whiterspoon Non Is a Saint. Word of Marie Claire

More covers from February, more players. Without abandoning the Red Christmas and with a pose of diva and feline look, Marie Claire Australia brings in its February issue to Reese Whiterspoon who for the umpteenth time let us know that she is not a Saint, believe me.

And is that to Reese it happens with his innocence, always given of course due to their roles in the film, that Sarah Jessica Parker after SATC, who believe she is Carrie. That is why Carrie, I say Sarah Jessica, whenever you can ensures that Cowboys likes and their day to day is little glamorous.

Do we believe it? We believe it but we do not want, because what we want is that she always seen Dior, has a dressing room of 50 square meters and will be with Samantha every Sunday for brunch at the East Village.
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